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General Dentistry Clinic

General Dentistry Clinic in Evergreen Area, San Jose, CA

A general dentist is trained to take care of your teeth and gums and ensures overall oral health. Our experienced dentists at Selective Dental provide general and cosmetic dentistry services in San Jose, CA & nearby Areas. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online.

General Dentistry Clinic Near Me in Evergreen Area, San Jose, CA
General Dentistry Clinic Near Me in Evergreen Area, San Jose, CA

Table of Contents:

What does a general dentist treat?
What does a general dentist do for your teeth?
What will a general dentist do on the first visit?

What does a general dentist treat?

A general dentist is a medical professional tasked with taking care of our oral health. Even though many people may feel a visit to the dentist is not the way they’d like to spend their day, the work that these highly trained and skilled professionals do is essential not only for the health of our teeth, gums, and mouth but also for our general overall health. Dentists play a key role in the early detection of oral cancer and they often identify other health conditions, illnesses, or diseases that sometimes show up in the oral cavity before being identified elsewhere in the body. In addition to this very crucial role, a dentist can provide the following services:

• Identifying, diagnosing, and treating oral conditions
• Advising on oral health and disease prevention
• Evaluating the patient’s overall health
• Prescribing treatment, including prescription drugs
• Conducting and interpreting dental X-rays and other diagnostic tests
• Performing clinical procedures, such as exams, extractions and corrective surgery
• Filling, and bonding teeth
• Tooth extraction
• Removing plaque build-up or decay from teeth
• Dental implant surgery
• Invisalign braces
• Treatment for TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea
• Providing cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as crowns and veneers
• Orthodontics
• Placement of bridges
• Periodontal treatment
• Performing root canals
• Repair broken or cracked teeth
• Treating gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis
• Overseeing the growth and development of children’s teeth and jawbone
• Administering anesthesia

What does a general dentist do for your teeth?

A general dentist will not only take care of your teeth during a visit, they will also provide education on good oral hygiene practices, meaning that you are able to continue the work at home. In addition to cleaning the teeth, they prevent and treat decay and oral disease with the use of fillings and other treatments as necessary. They can also improve the appearance of the teeth cosmetically or help to straighten them.

What will a general dentist do on the first visit?

Although each practice may vary slightly, the way a typical first appointment is conducted will be similar in most ways. When the patient schedules an appointment prior to a first visit they will be asked to collect certain information on their medical history so that the dentist has a full picture of past treatments or surgeries. For example, they will need to know whether the patient have any implants or has had any other surgical procedures, as well as details of any chronic medical conditions that may affect the oral, or general overall, the health of the patient. Knowing these things is important as they could have a direct impact on the way the dentist treats the patient.

During a typical first appointment, x-rays will be taken, a routine cleaning will be performed, oral hygiene instructions will be explained and a comprehensive oral exam will be performed. Afterward, the dentist will answer any questions, make recommendations and explain any further treatment necessary; a follow-up appointment for further care will be made before the patient leaves the office.

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